PAULA ALLEN and LISA DICAPRIO received a 2005 Puffin Foundation grant for their photographic exhibit project on Srebrenica. They previously collaborated on an exhibit of Ms. Allen’s photographs on the “disappeared” of Chile, which was cosponsored by Amnesty International USA. The exhibit was shown at New York University in September/October 2004 and at Columbia University in February/March 2005. The photographs appear in Ms. Allen’s bilingual book, Flores en el Desierto/Flowers in the Desert (Cuarto Propio, Chile, 1999), which documents a group of women in Calama, Chile as they search for their relatives who were “disappeared” after the September 11, 1973 coup against the democratically elected Popular Unity government of Salvador Allende.

PAULA ALLEN has been an “activist with a camera” for three decades. Her documentary projects include After the War, which depicts life in a Kosovo village where all but six of the men were killed during the war in March 1999; Family, which chronicles 18 years in the life of a Traveller (gypsy) family in Belfast, Northern Ireland; and Homecomings, which weaves together the stories of three families who lost relatives and their homes in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Ms. Allen often works for human rights organizations. For Amnesty International, London, she has traveled to Chechen refugee camps (December 2001), Chile to exhibit her photographs on the women of Calama (September 2004), Asia to document “comfort women” (March 2005), and Kenya to photograph and interview human rights defenders (December 2005); for VDAY, the movement to end violence against women, to Kenya (March 2002), the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota (April 2002), Ciudad Juarez, Mexico (February 2004), Haiti (April 2007), and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (May and November 2007); and for Refugees International, USA, to Afghanistan (May 2002) and Angola (February 2003).

is the director of the photographic exhibit project, “The Betrayal of Srebrenica: A Commemoration.” The exhibit is inspired by her current research on the international campaign for justice for the victims and survivors of Srebrenica. Dr. DiCaprio is the author of The Origins of the Welfare State: Women, Work, and the French Revolution (University of Illinois Press, 2007) and co-editor with Merry E. Wiesner of Lives and Voices: Sources in European Women’s History (Houghton Mifflin Company, 2001). She has taught courses on Modern Europe, European women’s history, the historical development of human rights and international justice, and the politics of memory at Smith College, the City University of New York (CUNY), Washington and Lee University, and Boston College. Dr. DiCaprio is the recipient of the American Historical Association Coordinating Council for Women in History (CCWH) 2002 Catherine Prelinger Award. With funds provided by this award, she first traveled to Bosnia and Serbia in the summer of 2003 for the eighth anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre and then returned to Bosnia for the ten-year commemoration in July 2005. While in Sarajevo, Dr. DiCaprio presented on her research at the first international conference on Srebrenica that was organized by the Institute for Research on Crimes Against Humanity and International Law at the University of Sarajevo.

The photographs and text panels featured on this website appear in an exhibit catalogue designed by Lisa DiCaprio. Additional graphics support for the catalogue was provided by Media Technology Services, Boston College. The catalogue was printed by Eagle Print, Boston College in May 2008. The catalogue cover design by Jim Goodwin is replicated on the home page.

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